Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Message to TKM

Message to TKM - one of the greatest type artist, printer and typographer of Europe - and Hungary.

Some more on his life (in Hungarian):

"Born 1650 in Alsómisztótfalu; died March 20, 1702 in Kolozsvár. Printer, scholar, linguist, publisher. Name also written: Misztótfalusi Kis. Parents were poor. Studied in Alsómisztótfalu, Nagybánya about 1662, and Nagyenyed about 1666. Became rector of schools in Fogaras 1677-1680. Went to Holland in 1680 to master art of printing. Quickly established reputation in Amsterdam and elsewhere in Europe. Also did printing for the Pope. Was invited to establish shop in Florence but prepared to return to Transylvania. In 1689 published bibliophile edition of the Bible in Hungarian with corrections of translation and printing errors. Returned to Transylvania in 1690. Married Mária Székely. Harassed by religious conservatives who had found his corrections of the Bible offensive, he wrote Apologia Bibliorum (1697) to justify what he had done. Opposition did not lessen; in 1698 published Maga-mentsége, another reply to opponents. On June 13, 1698, Council of Nagyenyed insisted on public apologies to those offended by this reply, and his most important works were burned. He did not live long after this humiliation. ¶ His lifework represents a large program to develop and popularize Hungarian culture."
- text from

Text set in FR Borsmenta, an in-production font.

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